So What’s The Book About, and Why Should I Care?

Hi! I’m Chris Woolf, author of “Bumbling Through the Hindu Kush: A Memoir of Fear and Kindness in Afghanistan.” This blog is here to answer your questions: about me, my book, or Afghanistan.  Or anything else!

Today, though, I just wanted to tell you what the book is really about and why you might care.

At its core, it’s the story of what happens when a regular person accidentally finds themself lost in the middle of a war. Not a warrior or hero – but someone perhaps like you? Just imagine being lost in a land with death lurking in every shadow. With no real training. No protective gear. No communications. No back-up.

That person was me.

It was back in 1991.

The government of Afghanistan was fighting for survival, after the withdrawal of its superpower patron; in this case, the Soviet Union. So there’s a lot of interesting parallels to today, which I discuss.  But it’s mostly my story.

I went to Afghanistan to visit my BBC colleague, to see if I’d like the life of a foreign correspondent. And we bumbled straight into the war.

It was pretty traumatic, but amid the darkness, I did discover the generosity and hospitality of ordinary Afghans.

Now, I only had a taste of war, a taste of fear. It was nothing compared to what real war correspondents go through, let alone military veterans or even the people who live and work in countries engulfed in war. And yet it has still resonated throughout my life.

So “Bumbling Through the Hindu Kush” is an adventure story. It’s a coming-of-age story. It’s a voyage of discovery, where you can learn about Afghanistan. It’s also a story about coping with trauma. I hope you find it a positive one.

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